Let’s talk about “RADAR” !

Before initiating any international trade transaction, the company duly incorporated in Brazil, must be registered on the International Trade Integrated System ( SISCOMEX), through the “RADAR” system (System for the Monitoring of Activities of Customs Agents) which consists of a integrated computerized system through which all international trade transactions must be electronically processed in order to allowed them to be registered, monitored and controlled.

The simplified and ordinary “RADAR” categories no longer exist….. they were superseded by the limited one which establishes a US$ 150,000 limit of foreign trade commerce operations per semester. Another category is the “RADAR” unlimited, different from the name, it has limits. In fact, the Brazilian Internal Revenue (RFB) determines the range value for operations after analyzing the company’s financial health. First, the company have to present a required documentation to apply for the “RADAR” limited and after it has being deferred, the tax payer can present a specific finance documents of the company to review the process which is called: estimative finance review.


How to get a license?

To legalize a foreign company in Brazil goes beyond obtaining a corporate taxpayer’s identification number and also a license may be required depending on the type of business.

The bureaucracy to get all these licenses done should be considered and the Investor needs to have patience and spend some money that has to be part of your business and action plan.

Below we have listed some of these required licenses

Types of Licenses

Certification Authority

Who Needs

License of business operation


All businesses

Inspection and Compliance with Safety Regulations

Fire Department

All companies ( but there are exceptions depending on the location)

Environmental certification

Municipal bodies, environment study and IBAMA

Metallurgical and mechanical industries,    transportation equipment, textiles, clothing, footwear, timber trading, food and beverage chemical processing, civil construction, tourism, agricultural activities, among others

Sanitary Regulation

 ANVISA – Health and Sanitary Surveillance National Agency

Food sector, cosmetics, essence, perfume and hygiene products, drugstores,  pharmaceutical and health care products and  household sanitizing products.

Registration of controlled Chemical products

Federal Police

All activities involving the list of 146 controlled products

Animal origin products

Ministry of Agriculture

All Companies producing animal origin products, mainly consumed by humans or commercialized  within Brazil and  internationally.

Cadastur(Record for Tourism activities registration)

 Ministry of Tourism

Service providers engaged in tourism supply chain activities

*Revised text based on the PEGN Magazine.


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