Minimum capital to invest in Brazil

Good news: there is no minimum capital specific requirement for a foreign investor in Brazil.

Even if there is no specific provision regarding for foreign investment, it is important to consider the following 4 topics:

1.      Industry – Not only in Brazil, regulators recognize the different sectors in the economy to operate smoothly and to protect third parts  will require a minimum capital investment.  For example;  banks and Insurance brokerage companies. In Brazil it is not different.

2.      Tax administration – In some States tax administration will verify if the capital is in line with the company activities and objectives. Moreover, if a brand new Brazilian company is interested in importing products, it shall get the RADAR license.  In order to determine the authorized volume of imports, the Federal Revenue will look mainly to the company capital and its economic financial performance.

3.      Immigration – It depends on immigration purposes,  for an individual investor visa or Director,   the company should have a minimum capital of R$ 150.000 or R$ 600.000, respectively.

4.      Business Plan – It is an essential step for any project to complete a Business Plan and it becomes even more important in a country like Brazil.  Once all operational cost and investment  are estimated you can define the minimum capital requirement.